Friday, February 3, 2012

Master Class

We have been very pleased with the progress of each of our students this past month. We have seen an increased dedication to practice and higher appreciation for music. On Saturday, January 28th, we had our first master class of the year. Though there is nothing more tempting than sleeping in on a cold Rexburg Saturday morning, most of our students made it! The younger group met first at 10:00am and came with lots of energy and excitement. We played theory games such as "I'm a Note!" and even played the master class version of Musical Chairs. As each student played their piece of music, others quietly listened and when one student struggled through a couple of measures, another stood by her side to help her through. The advanced group met at 11:00am and were even more excited about the chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. But, despite meeting at the later time, it seemed much like 6:30am. Since the advanced group had spent more time working on their music, we were able to spend  more time giving positive and constructive feedback on their performances. Which, not only came from us, but also their peers. Though we ran out of time and weren't able to learn how to compose a song using a phone number, we look forward to it at our next master class. 

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